About Supra

Supra is a small one-person company making various digital content ranging from Programming tasks like utility development or game making to more creative tasks like 3D modelling and drawing.


my newest Projects, Models or Blog posts

LavenderUI v2019.3.1

https://github.com/SupraLP/lavenderUI/releases/tag/v2019.3.1 changes updated js to new game version adjusted discord join text font size repositioned quit and logout buttons cleaned up CSS for all buttons and inputs (finally) seperated border width and rounding into variables Read more…

LavenderUI v2019.2.4

https://github.com/SupraLP/lavenderUI/releases/tag/v2019.2.4 changes added lavender logo and version to main screen added discord link to main screen added logout and quit buttons to main screen added settings dump (from settings.ini file) to settings screen cleaned code Read more…